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Risks Factors with Perlane


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Perlane has been approved by the FDA to be used as dermal filler for facial skin. It is a relatively safer than many other fillers because it does not contain animal proteins. Patients do not require an allergy test prior to receiving Perlane injections. However, risks with Perlane, however rare, do exist and patients should be aware of the potential risks in order to make an informed decision on their choice of treatment.

Contraindications for Perlane

Perlane is not recommended for patients who have a past history of hypersensitivity to allergies. Although Perlane does not contain animal products, but people may be allergic to certain micro organisms known as gram positive bacteria, should particularly avoid Perlane. Patients with bleeding disorders, or patients with a history of drugs that required in-hospital treatment should also avoid Perlane injections.

Usage Warnings

Perlane should not be used in areas with skin sores, rashes, pimples, cysts, hives, or infections. The application in these areas should be deferred until the time the healing is complete. Application of Perlane before healing could worsen the existing skin problems. Another important warning with Perlane is that in a rare case, if the common symptoms persist beyond two weeks, the patient must report to the doctor who administered the treatment. If small, reddish bumps may occur, it may require antibiotic treatment.

Risk Factors

As with all such procedures, Perlane injections carry a theoretical risk of infection and scar tissue formation. Perlane risks may be slightly higher when treating around the lips. Risks are also heightened in case of nursing moms and in patients below 18 or above 65 years of age. Perlane used during nursing could harm not only the mother but also the nursing child.

Perlane treatment for African-American patients may result in darkening of skin color, which could take many weeks to correct. If the patient has suffered from herpes in the past, Perlane may cause the disease to relapse. Safety of Perlane in combination with other skin treatments such as mechanical, laser, or chemical peeling and laser hair removal has not been scientifically established.

Major Side Effects

Major side effects with Perlane are extremely rare, but the patient should be aware of all possible eventualities. In a rare situation, the product may be injected into a blood vessel, which may cause injury to the blood supply and damage the skin in the affected area. In exceptional cases, the patient may develop an infection of the gel, which can be hard to treat. However, the infection will disappear as the gel becomes naturally absorbed into the body.