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Longer-lasting Results with Radiesse

radiesse dermal filler houston txRadiesse is among the longer-lasting dermal fillers available today. It is used for various cosmetic and reconstructive applications to help augment soft tissue such as facial folds, wrinkles, and contours. The key content of this FDA-approved injectable filler is calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA). Microspheres of this compound are suspended in a gel form, which is injected directly into the dermis.


Radiesse works to fill and stimulate the facial skin to produce new collagen for immediately visible results. Collagen is the most important natural ingredient in the skin that keeps the skin youthful, elastic, and supple. The collagen depletes with age, and Radiesse works to induce the production of new collagen for instant skin rejuvenation. The results with Radiesse can last about a year or even more. New and advanced versions of Radiesseare setting new standards in improvement of nasolabial folds.

Radiesse has been tested widely and proven to be safe and effective with hundreds of thousands of successful procedures performed worldwide. The patient starts looking better almost immediately upon injecting the gel into the dermis. The calcium microsphere technology helps in generation of new collagen. Radiesse is a full-bodied, robust material, which enables dermatologists to exercise a superior level of control, finesse, and greater predictability for facial applications.

Clincial Findings

Lawrence Bass, Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and Director of the Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery Program at the New York University Medical Center, NY. who has extensively investigated Radiesse pivotal trials says, “The approval of Radiesse ushers in a new era in the non-surgical management of facial aging because it both 'volumizes' facial folds and rebuilds the skin's foundation to restore a youthful facial appearance for our patients.” The findings of the pivotal clinical trial as well as various other studies demonstrate the long-term efficacy of Radiesse to correct nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles.


One of the advantages of Radiesse injections is that they do not involve any downtime for recovery. The patient may experience mild swelling during the first one to two days following the treatment. Some patients may feel slight discomfort and bruising, which can be managed easily with over-the-counter medications.

It is important to follow the doctor’s advice about avoiding direct sun after the Radiesse treatment. Risks with Radiesse are rare, but patients should be aware that bumps or lumps in the treated area may develop in certain cases. In any case, such effects are reversible with medication or surgical treatment in rare cases.