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Multiple Treatments are More Effective for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has come to be recognized as the most effective procedure available for long-term removal of unwanted hair. The procedure is highly precise and safe, as long as it is performed by an experienced laser skin specialist. The laser technology has advanced significantly in recent years, which has ensured that very minimal or no collateral damage takes place on the healthy skin surrounding the target area. However, to ensure longer lasting success with laser hair removal technology, usually the patient must undergo multiple laser sessions.

Multiple Treatments

The number of laser treatment sessions required for a patient will vary on the type of hair and skin color as well as the amount of target area for treatment. A majority of patients may require at least seven treatment sessions to achieve the desired and long-lasting results. Current treatment parameters vary from one laser technology to another. However, most clinicians and laser device manufacturers recommend waiting from three to eight weeks between sessions, depending on the area under treatment.

The number of treatment sessions also depends on the patient’s physical parameters such as the coarseness of hair, the color of skin, the cause for abnormal hirsutism, gender and age of the patient. Dark and coarse hair on light skin may achieve the best and fastest results with laser. Specific areas such as men’s faces may require significantly higher number of treatments to achieve effective results.

Phased Hair Growth

Hair tends to grow in multiple phases such as anagen, telogen, and catagen. At any given point of time, the hair is going through a particular stage of growth. The laser beam can be effective only for the hair which is in the anagen stage, which includes the currently active growing hair follicles. This means that multiple sessions will be required to remove hair as and when they pass through the anagen stage.

To counter this situation effectively, the laser hair removal specialist will space the sessions in such a way where the currently inactive follicles would be beginning to grow again. The face area usually requires more frequent sessions compared to the legs.When maximum active follicles are eliminated through multiple sessions, the patient can expect the results to last for a long period of time. However, patients with light colored hair or red, white, or grey should know that they may not achieve very good results even after multiple sessions.