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Crow’s Feet Lines

Botox treatment crow's feet lines houston texas
“Crow’s feet” is the name give to the small wrinkled lines that can form along the side of your eyes. These creases can easily and rapidly start to age your appearance. Additionally, it is possible for these creases to deepen and become even more of a burden to your appearance overtime. In order to combat this issue, the Botox Cosmetic is able to be injected into the sides of the face where these lines are seen.

The non-surgical procedure of a Botox injection takes only minutes to achieve smoother-looking skin. This medicine is injected into the specific muscles that are the source of crow’s feet lines around the sides of the eyes, and relaxes these muscles from contracting. Usually just one Botox treatment is able to relax muscles enough to show visible signs of improvement.

Muscles contractions or movements in the face which crease the skin in specific areas, such as the crow’s feet area, can be effectively prevented with Botox. To diminish unwanted crow’s feet, a syringe and fine needle is used for treatment. The Botox Cosmetic is precisely injected into the appropriate muscles of the face, and attaches to nerve endings which normally send out chemical messages, instructing the brain to move specific muscles. By injecting Botox into the appropriate muscles, Botox is able to block the sending of these signals.

When these signals are blocked, the muscles remain immobile and therefore reduce the appearance and prevent the formation of wrinkles. The amount of units of Botox needed to treat the appearance of crow’s feet varies from patient to patient, but typically ranges from 8-16 units per eye. Botox injections are not permanent, but do generate results that can last for months.

Correction with Botox is natural-looking, and besides a more wide-eyed and rested appearance, patients will result in younger and smoother looking skin. However, it is very important for this treatment to be performed by a well-trained medical professional because it requires much knowledge, skill and precision.

Botox Houston offers Botox treatments for patients given by a board certified neurologist who has been known to properly and successfully administer the cosmetic in numerous patients over many years, generating wonderful results. Patients are almost always satisfied with the procedure because it requires no down time, little discomfort, can be completed in just minutes, and will begin to show results in just a couple days. It is true that crow’s feet can easily be diminished or eliminated through the use of the Botox cosmetic.