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Artefill: The Long-lasting Filler for Wrinkle Correction

artefill dermal filler houston txArtefill is a safe and effective, FDA-approved dermal filler that contains millions of synthentic microspheres of PMMA suspended in purified bovine collagen. Artefill includes a local anesthetic to ensure pain relief during the treatment. Results with Artefill are visible almost immediately. Clinical tests have found this hybrid gel filler to be as safe as the control temporary dermal filler.


One month prior to the Artefill procedure, your doctor will conduct an allergy test because the filler contains bovine collagen. Once the test is cleared, the procedure can be performed at your doctor’s office. It will typically take about 15 minutes to perform the procedure. Your doctor will inject the filler beneath your wrinkles and smile lines, which will plump them almost immediately.

Some patients may require more than a single session for treatment. In such situations, the sessions are spaced at least three to six weeks apart. Patients prefer this treatment also because it involves very little downtime. You will be ready to resume your normal activities almost immediately after the procedure. 

Safety Profile

Artefill is not only long-lasting, economical and convenient, but it is also very safe. After it was approved by the FDA in 2006, more than 25,000 patients have received the Artefill treatment. Patient satisfaction rate of this filler is exceptionally high. Extensive studies on Artefill’s technology platform have been conducted since 1998 to determine its safety levels.

People who should avoid using Artefill include those who have had a positive reaction to the Artefill skin test. Patients with a known history of severe allergies, anaphylaxis, or hypersensitivity should also avoid this filler. The filler contains lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic. People allergic to lidocaine should avoid Artefill. Patients who are susceptible to keloid or hypertrophic scar formation are also not good candidates for this filler.

Long-lasting Difference

Artefill distinguishes itself from many other temporary, injectable dermal fillers. Such fillers are typically made of synthetic or natural materials that are eventually absorbed in the body. This means that wrinkle improvement will be only temporary, and you may require repeat treatment within a few months to maintain the wrinkle correction.

This is where Artefill is different from many other fillers. Its unique microspheres do not get absorbed by your body. They actively work with your skin to produce new collagen that continues to provide support to your skin for natural-looking and long-lasting results. Artefill is ideal for removal of smile lines, but it is not recommended for thinner skin areas such as crow’s feet around the eyes.