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Treating Acne with elos Laser Systems

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Addressing the problem of Acne with traditional acne laser treatments may not yield the desired results in many cases. The advanced elos laser systemprovides more effective solutions and uses considerably lesser energy than conventional laser and IPL systems. Patients can look forward to far more effective results with elos compared to traditional lasers.

The elos Advantage

The elos laser technology is superior in terms of both performance as well as safety. It successfully overcomes the limitations of conventional lasers and IPLs. Elos is the only available technology that exploits the power of both optical energy (either light or laser) and bi-polar radio frequency (RF). This revolutionary technology platform successfully overcomes the procedural challenges of conventional lasers and intense pulse light systems. The key difference lies in the ability of elos to deliver controlled energy with enhanced penetration.

RF is a highly controllable energy heat source that works synergistically with optical energy. The elos system facilitates the use of light energy at a level which is safe for all skin types. It uses lesser optical energy that the traditional laser systems. The system poses not any additional risk of the epidermis. It avoids cool areas of the skin and delivers the laser to the targeted areas which are preheated by optical energy.

High Safety Quotient

The elos system offers state of the art safety features to minimize any potential risks. The system directs RF energy deeper into the dermis, which achieves more effective results, but keeps the energy away from the dermis, which helps to maximize safety.

Its Active Dermal Monitoring feature provides real-time temperature feedback with each pulse for better safety control. If the RF electrodes are not coupled, the contact check will prevent energy pulse. Its numeric impedance measurement feature guides the practitioner to the treatment zone effectively.

Minimal Down Time

High safety standards and controlled energy intensity of the elos system enables treatment of patients of different skin types with minimal down time. This is a great benefit for patients who are keen to opt for effective procedures with very little or no down time. In addition to acne removal, other common procedures such as skin rejuvenation, permanent hair removal, and reduction of brown or red spots can be performed in a minimal amount of time.

Advanced Technology Enhances Safety

The pain and discomfort usually associated with conventional lasers becomes largely eliminated with this technology. Da Vinci Aesthetics makes an effective use of elos systems to treat acne and other skin related problems with exceptional precision, minimal down time, and uncompromising safety.